A chip on your shoulder

Also Can Be Phrased: 
Chip on one's shoulder
Brief Definition: 
Easily angered or ready to start a fight with someone about anything.
Further Explanation: 
Not as commonly used as it used to be, this idiom reflects a person that no one wants to be around or work with as he/she never seems to be satisfied, is angry often, and is generally unpleasant. The history of this idiom comes from the 1800s when young men would put a small piece of wood (a chip) on their shoulder and dare their opponent to knock it off. In essence, this was their way of starting a fight with another person.
Joe accidentally bumped into Tia and attempted to apologize. Tia’s chip on her shoulder was evident as she yelled mercilessly at Joe for five minutes.
Some people say Archie has a chip on his shoulder but I think he acts gruff because he has poor social skills and is hiding his low self-esteem.
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