Bite the dust

Also Can Be Phrased: 
Another one bites the dust.
Brief Definition: 
To crash, fail, or otherwise no longer be in contention. Can also mean to die.
Further Explanation: 
This idiom used to be used to mean that somebody had crashed, for example when riding a bike. If they "bite the dust" it implies that they no longer are on their bike, but instead have their face in the dirt ("biting" the dust left behind by others). However, this has become more commonly used in other contexts to simply imply that someone has failed. It can also mean (very informally) that someone has died. "Another one bites the dust" is a variant that just means that out of a group of many, one more person has dropped out (for example has been eliminated competitively, has failed, or has died)
John bit the dust in the first lap. His bike is a total wreck.
I'm sure to fail my science class this year. I bit the dust two months ago when I forgot to show up for the first test.
John just got eliminated... Another one bites the dust! There are only four people left in this tournament.
Be nice to your grandfather, he may bite the dust any day now!
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